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PT PLN(国家电力公司)是印度尼西亚政府国有的电网公司。公司业务范围覆盖发电,输配电以及相关基础设施。

  • PT PLN (Persero) (PLN), a utility company owned by the State of the Republic of Indonesia is consistently implementing projects related to the generation and supply of electricity such as power plants, transmission lines and other infrastructure.

--from PT PLN official website


PT PLN的采购流程完全开放。

设备及服务供应商应通过PT PLN的E-Procurement Application系统提出申请。


  1. 具备营业执照及税务码
  2. 满足相关公司法律法规要求
  3. 具备公司管理
  4. 具备公司财务数据
  5. 愿意遵循PT PLN关于采购的指导方针

PT PLD的所有采购都必须通过公司的E-Procurement (eproc.pln.co.id)系统完成。

Terms to Become a Vendor

Procurement services in PT PLN (Persero) open opportunity as wide as possible  – to companies which have the competence areas of business for goods and services to follow the procurement through system of E-Procurement Application of PT PLN.
Adapun persyaratan menjadi vendor pada aplikasi E-Procurement sebagai berikut: The requirements to become a vendor on E-Procurement application as follows:
Has Corporate Data (name, status, address, etc.).

  1. Having a business license and tax ID.
  2. Has Legal Basis for Establishing Company.
  3. Having Management of the company.
  4. Having Financial Data
  5. Willing to obey the rules of the Guidelines for Procurement of Goods / Services in PT PLN (Persero) and legislation relating to procurement.

As one of BUMN which is required to apply the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) or good company management in the business and management aspects of the company at all levels of the company, PLN formulate governance in the Information Technology business scope and implementation of the management of the company to contribute to the creation of added value and achieving effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore all procurement of Goods and Services are conducted through E-Procurement system with the address eproc.pln.co.id

--from PT PLN official website


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