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To cope with the forecasted increasing power demand, the Power Development Plan (PDP) was revised by the Ministry of Energy as PDP 2010: third  revision (2012-2030). The themes of PDP 2010 substantially focus  on the

adequacy of power  system to enhance various infrastructure development projects in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Plan. The PDP 2010:  third  revision (2012-2030) is also in line with the Alternative

Energy Development Plan (AEDP) (2012-2021) and the 20-Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP) (2011-2030) approved by the National Energy Policy

Council (NEPC) on November 30, 2011 and endorsed by the Cabinet on December 27, 2011.

Important issues of the PDP 2010:  third  revision (2012-2030) are as follows:

1. The forecasted power  demand results approved by the Thailand Load Forecast Subcommittee (TLFS) on May 30, 2012 are adopted within the

following  frameworks:

  • The projected  Thai Gross  Domestic Products (GDP)  and projected  Gross  Regional Products (GRP)  estimated  by the Office of National Economic and Social Development Board  (NESDB) on November 29, 2011,  covering the economic stimulation policies and flooding effects at the end of 2011.
  • The approved 20-Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP) (2011-2030) proposed by the Ministry of Energy.

2. Energy supply security takes  into account the fuel diversification and appropriate power  reserve margin level.

3. Clean  energy and efficient  utilization, including  the Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) (2012-2021), the 20-Year Energy Efficiency

Development Plan (EEDP) (2011-2030), and cogeneration system are to be promoted.


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